CURA Patient leverages data at every level of a healthcare enterprise to modernize information governance. It edifies and bolsters healthcare information by sculpting it into familiar, meaningful expressions.


Empowering Doctors

Giving providers more time to provide.

  • View automatically prioritized meds, labs, and patient history relative to current symptoms.
  • Machine learning algorithms emphasize relevant findings about patients’ milestones and trajectories.
  • Easily select your proven care plans and tailor individual patient needs.
  • More easily manage and track your workload, freeing up more of your time.

Engaging Patients

Taking the guess work out of personal betterment.

  • Self-administer care aids.
  • Friendly, intuitive interface for patients to track their care plan compliance and progress.
  • Universally recognizable tools to encourage good patient behavior and discourage care plan deviation.
  • Bridge guidelines with logistical considerations such as appointment dates, locations, and contacts.

Improving with Analytics

Revealing a holistic work process, resource allocation, and care plan best practice matrix.

  • Highlight accountability for patients and staff.
  • Introduce emphasis and focus on the most important information and pinpoint critical moments in patient and staff history.
  • Streamline patient intake.
  • Note trends and tropes to better understand your patients and ecosystem.

Empowering Doctors


View Prioritized Patient Record Information

Health records can be overwhelming. It’s great that technology has made them all available, but patients can have up to sixty-plus years of records covering hundreds of visits and examinations. Our solution intelligently filters and prioritizes the information you need today using advanced learning technologies that understand what’s important now.


Delve Into Patients’ Stories

Drill down by easily searching for filtered, relevant information. This function is aided by the most advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to make certain the most important findings related to the current visit are emphasized.


Select and Tailor Your Proven Care Plans

Once a diagnosis is made, you can easily craft a care plan for patients’ individual needs. From there, you can comfortably hand plans off to your team, knowing that the nuances of your instructions will be maintained. This allows you to check back in only as absolutely necessary, thus giving you more time to focus on diagnosis.

Keep Patients Engaged – Leave Patients Invested

Patients can clearly understand their goals and take ownership of their care investment.
Patient’s Partnered in a CURA Patient System can…


Take Charge

Each piece of data patients introduce into their dashboards encourages their continual participation.  It’s simple, cumulative, and the process helps reinforce care providers’ messages by regularly placing value on patients’ input and their own willingness to steer their healthcare journey.


Understand Goals

Care plans are split up into categories, activities, and individual action items, all grounded in simplified tools like a master calendar, textured maps, and incorporated contact lists.  This executive view of care plans allows patients to eliminate ambiguities and fosters more accurate appraisal of plan goals.


View Relevant Details – See What’s Coming Up

Calendaring, contacts, automatically mapped provider locations and other user interface elements provide patients with the means to arrange activities, appointments and touch points relative to their care with ease.

Care Plan Analytics with Consummate Systems Integration Expertise

As a pioneering systems integration leader, Composite Apps, Inc. helps healthcare providers experience the benefits of emergent technologies that harness data to create accountability and spur action. CURA Patient is an integrated experience that provides an answer for questions of process inefficiency that have been vexing the healthcare industry since its modern inception.


Invest in Data

Our systems allow front end data collection to happen at a single point of contact on the platform or platforms of your choice.


Lead with Analytics

Use focused data to expedite your work process, bring relevant history to your immediate attention, and improve communication and understanding between you and your patients.


Partner with Excellence

Partnering with a firm with a proven acumen for developing bleeding edge innovations, and not simply iterations, will earn your healthcare organization a seat at the table where the future of the industry is drafted.